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Nasza działalność

Dobry Punkt – ELEKTRONICZNE ROZWIĄZANIA SPRZEDAŻOWE offers wide range of services available on terminals. Joining Dobry Punkt network you'll receive a modern payment terminals together with services:

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Card Acceptance

Płatność kartą

Payment cards acceptance on Dobry Punkt terminal allows our clients to accept non-cash payments for sold goods. Our technology accept both credit and debit card types use.

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Top Up

Doładowania telefonów

Mobile top-ups at Dobry Punkt terminal allow the merchants to sale electronic units, called “telecodes” which allow users to top-up their pre-paid mobile phones. Dobry Punkt offers top-ups of all mobile operators which perform services in Poland.

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Bill Payments

Płatność rachunków

Dobry Punkt’s bill payment service gives a possibility to pay all household bills while shopping, through the terminal. POS can easily receive payments (needs a terminal and a bar code reader) and pass them automatically to the drawer ( for electricity, gas, phone etc.).

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Settlement Solutions

Rozwiązania rozliczeniowe

Individual settlement solutions are a tailor-made service prepared every time up to our clients needs.

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Pre-paid Products

We give at your disposal our starter kits and scratch cards of all major mobile operators present on polish market.

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Added: 04.01.2012

The value of card transactions in Poland exceeded 100 billion PLN

Poles have in their pockets around 32 million payment cards. We make quarterly eight non-cash transactions worth approximately 100PLN each. No further than 6 years ago there were only three transactions - said Grupa LEW.czytaj więcej

Added: 19.04.2012

Cash has been replaced by credit cards

The average Pole pays by credit card eight times a month and spend each time around 103 PLN. Currently in polish pockets are more than 32 million cards. Statistics show that plastic money become increasingly popular and slowly displace cash out from...czytaj więcej

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